By Another Name: New metaphors for sustainability

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In response to the poverty of language around sustainability, Wallace Heim asked artists, scientists, activists and cultural commentators to suggest a metaphor for sustainability. The people asked included: Ansuman Biswas, Ruth Little, James Marriott, David Haley, Hester Reeve, Zoë Svendsen, Mario Petrucci, Francesca Galeazzi, Carolyn Steel, Bradon Smith, Caspar Henderson, Amanda Thompson, Nick Robins, Sue Palmer, Peter Harrison, David Harradine, Annie Catterall, Alison Turnbull.

The metaphors included: the act of breathing, the sailboat, the shopping divider at the check-out, water on a fire, the family, art & grace, ‘Come into my house’ (dvd), symbiosis, mercury, the timeless meal, coral reef, the Kelo, ‘A matter of time’, song, the yew tree, the soil in my family’s garden, the Fetch (of a wavelength; to collect, a stranger’s compass, the Spanish Dehesa, a stranger’s compass and advice to the Dude.

The metaphors are collected on