Below are two films made for the Ashden Directory:

What can be asked? What can be shown? Theatre in the time of climate instability
By Another Name: New metaphors for sustainability

What can be asked? What can be shown? Theatre in the time of climate instability

Wallace Heim asked six people to come up with a question about climate change and performance. We then gave that question to another of the six to answer. The six were Dan Gretton, Clare Patey, João André da Rocha, Paul Heritage, Wallace Heim and Mojisola Adebayo.

The questions considered whether making art could justify damage to the climate, how to bring together culture and agriculture, how to listen to those who are excluded from climate talks, what is environmental justice, and how must theatre change.

The film is online above and at and on Vimeo.

By Another Name: New Metaphors for Sustainability

Metaphors are a way of conceptualising, critiquing and transforming the world. They can make new forms of knowledge possible and can be seen as rooted in bodily experience. Metaphors also can act as hidden forms of ideology. The latent metaphors around sustainability tend to emphasise management, measurement.

Wallace Heim asked artists and others working in the cultural and ecological fields to create a metaphor for sustainability, one that resonated with their practice or informed their perceptions. This was an experiment to find out whether new metaphors of sustainability could be invented, new imagery, sensibilities and associations created which could be generative and alive.

The film is online above and on and on Vimeo.