the sea cannot be depleted

‘the sea cannot be depleted‘, is a spoken word and sound piece for online broadcast, about the Solway Firth, about the sense of place that comes when living with the Depleted Uranium that the UK military have dumped beneath the surface of the sea.

Listen online: ‘the sea cannot be depleted‘.

The website includes journal entries on the research process and information on uranium weapons.

The composer and sound designer is Pippa Murphy. The voices are: Camille Marmié, Vincent Friell, Lisa Howard.

‘the sea cannot be depleted‘ was funded by Future’s Venture Foundation.

Talks, publications and live presentations:

at the Nuclear Futures’ Seminar for scientists, academics, nuclear industry managers and activists concerned with geological disposal of nuclear wastes (Sheffield, 2018).

‘The deposit and dissolution of the nuclear in an uncanny and enduring sea’ was a remote presentation for ‘Performing Ecologies: The performance of the Real’, University of Otago, Ōtepoti / Dunedin, Aotearoa / New Zealand (2018).

‘Beyond the Anthropo—Scenes, Mediums, Apparatuses and Environments’, a conference paper at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh (2017).

The Critical Fish journal featured ‘the sea…’ (December 2020). ClimateCultures featured it (2018). Commonweal for a Nonviolent World published an interview with Wallace (2018). The Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts published the essay by Wallace, ‘The tides of not-knowing in a nuclear sea’ in the ‘Unknown and Uncertain’ issue, Q22, (2018).