Theatre, conflict and nature

Wallace’s essay, ‘Theatre, conflict, nature’ for the Green Letters journal Vol 20:2016, is included in the Routledge book publication, Performance and Ecology. What Can Theatre Do? (2018; paperback 2020).

From the abstract:

‘Human conflict is a raw material for theatre, and theatre is co-determinant with how conflict is known. Conflicts that are about nature, environments, elements and entities, ‘environmental conflicts’, are pervasive, intractable, characterised by uncertainty and the absence of lasting solutions. This essay proposes that the theatre imagination and praxis have the potential not to merely represent adversarial conflicts, but to show the qualities, processes and affects of conflicts….’

keywords: conflict, theatre, criticism, post-dramatic, Antigone

The journal is behind a paywall and the book exorbitantly priced. If you would like to read the essay, please get in touch.